Preleva garage doors or counterweight garage doors, also known as art-cam garage doors, are aesthetically similar to tilt garage doors, but with the aesthetic peculiarity that instead of climbing on a single sheet, they fold in two parts (two halves, not necessarily of identical size). Available in galvanized, lacquered or imitation wood finishes. Blind by default but with the option of installing ventilation slats.

They are a less economical option ( garage door price relevant finished white, measures 3×2.5m from 1092 € plus VAT without installation, pedestrian door or motor).

 It is recommended for private garages, industrial buildings or community garages for medium and intensive traffic — the possibility of the inscribed pedestrian door with an opening to the outside. We will be used to seeing them installed as a general rule in industrial buildings, being these large.

There are two models of motors for garage doors relevant, with installation on the sheet (as long as we do not have a pedestrian door) and laterals with a pinion for a direct attack on the axle. The choice of one model or another will depend on the conditions that we find on site and whether it is for sporadic, medium or intensive use.

 They are doors that work compensated by weights (hidden in some lateral drawers, driven by steel cables). This means that in the case of not being automatic, that is to say, they work manually, it facilitates the uploading by not having to carry the full weight of the sheet. Even when we open at half height do not fall suddenly due to gravity and the importance of the door itself (as long as the cables do not break).

Repair Garage Door Preleva.

The most common faults are damaged steel cables, forcing their replacement, counterweights in poor condition or the deterioration of some of their hinges, as well as bearings hidden in the guides.

This happens both indoors for domestic use, as in relevant doors for industrial buildings.