The swinging garage doors, available in one sheet or two sheets, are folded inwards (as a general rule) and are very common throughout the national territory. Available in a variety of finishes, such as galvanized, lacquered or imitation wood. Of iron, solid wood or aluminum. Blinds, with a sheet between lacing, micro-perforated, grille-like bars, with quarters, with square plate … and endless possibilities.

They are an average option economically speaking ( garage door price swing or blindfolding one sheet, white finish, measures 2.5×2.2m from $ 724 plus VAT without installation, pedestrian door or motor).

It is recommended for private garages, industrial buildings or community garages with medium and intensive traffic and access to plots. With the possibility of a pedestrian door inscribed with an opening towards the outside (provided that the area in which it is installed allows it, without invading the sidewalks).

There are several models of motors for swing garage doors, with fixing on the leaf and wall, wall, floor or pillar. With the mechanism seen from the inside, hidden inside metal pillars and buried in the ground. The choice of one model or another will depend on the conditions that we find in work, if aesthetically we want them to be hidden and if it is for sporadic, medium or intensive use.

They are doors that work by hinges seen and hidden, without any additional system of springs or counterweights. In the case of entries of large dimensions, especially in width, they are usually reinforced with a steel cable tensioner, to avoid the descuelgue of the same.